Ladies, meet the androgynous @georgie_kid ⚡️ LGBT icon: her wife ⚡️


Have you had a chance to read and follow the recent news and pics we were tagged to? 🔥🥳🔥 Featuring @georgie_kid wearing one of our tees 🖤🤘🏼⚡️💥 Posted @withrepost@sapphlondon Ladies, meet the androgynous @georgie_kid ⚡️ LGBT icon: her wife ⚡️

“Had to think long and hard about this...My lgbt icon is not a fabricated and marketed public persona. I mean, I admire lots of activists and politicians who have done so much for our lgbt community, but to be honest the person I most admire is my wife, because she’s actually touched my life.

My wife is the strongest most amazing woman I’ve ever met. She inspires me to be the best version of myself every day and since I met her my life changed completely and for the better. She taught me to be proud to be butch, and loves me for who I really am. To me she is a superwoman who has been through the toughest most difficult situations I could ever imagine, yet she has always been a winning warrior and she’s the most humble and down to earth person I’ve met despite being a badass. She has the most amazing energy, there’s just something magical about her. Her love is very powerful, she’s beautiful, intelligent, nurturing like a mother, has my back at all times and loves me passionately. When I met her I discovered what it means to be alive and I couldn’t be more grateful to the universe for sending me this incredible human....🖤”

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